SafeLine's Star Concept

SafeLine's new star concept is more than just a new look – it's the source of our inspiration. Discover our world with us and voyage beyond

For thousands of years, man has looked to the skies in wonder. The beauty and sheer incomprehensible vastness both fascinate and scare us. What’s all this got to do with lift safety you might ask? A great deal, we say.

As much as people in past times have looked to the night skies for knowledge and inspiration, it has also been the source of many innovations. As pioneers in this business, SafeLine always strive to journey where no one has gone before – to be first. We are used to venturing into the unknown. It is something that resonates with our company and is why, as you already might have noticed, we have begun naming new products after stars and star constellations – the SafeLine Galaxy.

Creating something that lasts as long as the stars in the night sky is probably an unachievable task, but it is nonetheless our aspiration at SafeLine. So be on the lookout and join us on our journey. Together, we will explore and push the limits of what is possible.

You’ll be surprised of what we can achieve.

/SafeLine – your partner in lift safety