We deliver what we promise

20 years of successful co-operations with distributors

– Long-lasting partnerships

Long partnerships are based on a mutual understanding of how the business should be conducted. SafeLine has been long-time partners with Swedish distributors since 1997 and international since 2008. We have a long experience of working with distributors – and with great experience comes great responsibility. Our partnerships matter to us and it is important for us to deliver what we have promised. 

– Give your clients the benefits of a market leader

SafeLine offers you the innovative force of a market leader. A steady flow of new and enhanced products to drive your business forward and support the sales effort you put into your market.

– Dedicated sales support

We offer great sales support for all our clients, which means that we are available to assist you with all your business every step of the way. Do you want to be there for your clients in the same way? Give us a call.

Your partner in lift safety

When you choose SafeLine as your partner in lift safety, you never have to worry about our products not being in compliance with current standards and regulations. All our products meet the European demands in accordance with the EN 81-28 and EN 81-70. 

When you choose SafeLine you can also be sure to have the freedom of choice. SafeLine is completely independent from any lift manufacturer and we never tie our clients to a certain product, service or partner. Because of this we cannot and will never compromise the quality of our products, thus only by leading the development and having the best products on the market we can go on being number one. This ensures your future freedom of choice to choose whatever suits you the best.

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