Warranty & service

Problems with a product? Follow the steps below and we will assist you

Most of the problems clients have with our products come from misunderstandings and are easily fixed. If you are one of the unlucky few (0,09 %) that are experiencing issues with your product and want to use your warranty however – follow the steps below and we will help you.

1. Call your local support teamthey will guide you through a troubleshooting of the product and check if the problem is easily fixed.

2. If the problem persists – fill in the service form which can be downloaded here. A detailed description of the fault must be given in the form. It is also in this step important to get the contact information correct, so we can notify you when we have recieved the product. 

3. Send the product to your local distributor. They will then send the product to us for service and you will receive a confirmation email when we have received your product. 

4. Our technical experts repair your product
If you have a warranty this step is of course completely free of charge. If not, our prices for repairs are always fixed, so you may know the price before sending your unit to us. If the damages to the product are too severe for repairing you can always buy an exchange product at a reduced cost.



Newly purchased goods from SafeLine normally have a two-year warranty for normal use of the product and is valid for two years from the day of delivery. The customer cannot refer to any other product warranties from SafeLine and the period of warranty is not extended when SafeLine repairs faults or undertake to redeliver the products. 

The following faults are excluded from the warranty:
a) External damages; faulty coupling, faulty handling, etc.
b) Force Majeure; lightning, fires, explosions, war, riots, floods, hard weather, natural catastrophes, hurricanes, etc.

Do you have any further questions about warranty and service? Contact us and we will answer your questions.