LYNX IOS update 2.3.0

Available on 27.04.2021
  • Android-SL6: Added button to import existing firmware files from the phone to the firmware files list view

  • Android/IOS: Fixed a bug where the config could not be reset to factory default sometimes on SL3000

  • Android/IOS: Added a remember email button to the login screen that enables the app to cache the login email so the user doesn't need to type it in the next time they login

  • Android/IOS: Added a more friendly user message for non localized key: "FAILED_TO_ENTER_TEST_MODE"

  • Android/IOS-LEO4/5: Fixed a bug where sometimes the same sound file would be set for multiple config items when picking it from the sound file browse dialogue

  • Android/IOS: Fixed a bug where custom color config items in the LEO 5 theme config would not disappear when selecting a predefined color

  • Android/IOS: Fixed a bug where items would not animate to create a simulation of the different values in demo SL6 diagnostics

  • Android: Connecting to a SL6 which supports BLE with encryption now unpairs the device correctly when disconnecting

  • Android/IOS: Fixed sync icon showing pending status indefinitely for the group thats is being loaded in the config if the user tries to exit the config while it's still "fetching''

  • Android/IOS-LEO4/5: Fixed a regex validation bug for timestamp config items

  • Android/IOS-SL6: Fixed firmware and sound file browse dialog access denied permission for internal storage and added better user feedback if file permission denied occurs

  • Android-LEO4/5: Fixed a bug with custom color picker RGB seekbars only showing 50% even though the RGB value was 255 and fixed it jumping back and forth when trying to select a value

  • Android/IOS-LEO4/5: Fixed config weekday picker showing Sunday twice for Swedish locale and fixed dialog title not being localized

  • IOS: Fixed a bug where phone number view was visible in device info for non telephone devices

  • IOS: Fixed feature tiles being hard to read