Shortages to be expected when global economy is picking up speed

SafeLine Group Managing Director, Geert Maurissen, about the global shortage of electrical components and why you may experience longer delivery times and changes to your SafeLine orders

The global economy is recovering even quicker than expected and industries are catching up on the gaps that have been left behind with the on-going health crisis. 

This backlog in combination with a booming economy is now resulting in shortages of components and delays in services at a global level. Looking at the market, we can now see shortages happening in many businesses, such as computer chips, containers, wood, plastics, palm oil, etc. 

The consequences are obvious, resulting in delays and prices going up. At SafeLine we are facing the same challenges, and it is our responsibility to inform you and keep our promise to you as a customer, but with this global shortage it is not in our hands to improve the situation on a short notice. SafeLine depends on the global supply chain, as does many others.

Here follows the critical points we face today and that you will need to take into account:

  • Longer delivery time – in some cases with unconfirmed delivery time – depending on the ordered product
  • We may limit the delivery of quantity for oversized orders
  • Prices can be reviewed monthly and will also be referenced to the actual delivery date. Price changes on the affected products starts from Monday 7th of June

  • Freight costs will be adjusted to our actual cost of the freighters we use today
  • Count on 2-3 days extra transit time

In general, we also reserve the right to make any changes even after confirmation of your orders due to the current uncertainties.

At SafeLine we are doing all we can to bridge this difficult moment of supply and hope we can count on your support and understanding. Our strength of having the full product cycle in our hands is beneficial to us, as our development and production team is adapting as quick as we can to keep on delivering products. As for prices, we will of course also adjust downwards when the current situation goes back to normal.

A crisis seldomly comes alone, but together we can face these challenges. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local SafeLine office.

Stay healthy and safe with regards,
– Geert Maurissen, SafeLine Group Managing Director