Available now: independence in- and outside the lift shaft

SafeLine launches package for stand-alone floor display system: "Simplicity has been the key word"

As a first of its kind from SafeLine, the IPS (Independent Positioning System) and FD1600 package enables a floor display system completely independent from the lift controller, without using any mechanical parts. 


– Simplicity has been the key word, with the products being very installer-friendly and the system being very quick and easy to configure, comments Lars Gustafsson, R&D manager at SafeLine. 

Separating the floor display system from the lift controller has many benefits, requiring no complicated wiring and no additional documentation, and only takes about 1 hour of active instalment. 


SafeLine’s long history of paying attention to details is recognizable with this package. Using the same app, CONNECT, for both units, the small sizes and the size-wise backwards compatibility of the FD1600 (leaving no hole in the cabin wall) makes for a very smooth installation.


Click here to read more about the IPS and FD1600.