Now released: LYNX app v. 2.4.0 for IOS and Android

Push notifications, device configuration search and many other quality of life improvements in the latest LYNX app version

The SafeLine LYNX app has just been updated. Check out the details of the update below.


News in 2.4.0 for IOS and Android:

  • MX3/MX3+: Added mic sensitivity option in the configuration under miscellaneous. This option allows the user to set the volume reduction of the microphone

  • Added the ability to search the device configuration. This feature is accessible through the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar of the configuration view

  • SL6/SL6+: Fixed a bug where if trying to simulate an emergency alarm twice the app would not do anything the second time

  • Added push notification support to the app

  • Added so the done button on keyboard when logging in triggers the login action when having the password text box in focus