Watch now: LYNX webinar – an introduction to wireless configuration

See how easy it is to configure SafeLine products with the LYNX app – and what SafeLine's got in store for the future of app configuration


The SafeLine LYNX app (previously known as CONNECT) is the easiest and most time-efficient way to configure SafeLine products. Whether you are already familiar with the app or a beginner, take this opportunity to raise your knowledge to the next level. In this webinar recording, Nico Machiels from SafeLine Europe and Stuart Garcia from SafeLine UK walks you through the functions and features of the LYNX app.


01:59 – Meet the team
02:47 – About LYNX
05:08 – LYNX and SafeLine SL6+
30:07 – What SafeLine products can you configure wirelessly?
31:10 – LYNX and the LEO displays
40:50 – SafeLine LYNX upcoming update
45:07 – Favourite features of the LYNX app
47:18 – Q&A

This is a recording of the live webinar from Tuesday 8th of September 2020. Check back on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next webinar is due.