EN 81-28 – 8 things you wanted to know

The Q&A from the SafeLine webinar on EN 81-28 answered by our Technical Commercial Manager

The updated EN 81-28 standards raises a lot of questions from customers. Here we have compiled a list of the questions received during the SafeLine webinar on the topic, hosted by our Technical Commercial Manager Nico Machiels. Read his answers to your questions below. Do you have any other question about the updated EN 81-28 requirements? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Click here to watch the full webinar about the updated EN 81-28.

1. Are multiple alarm initiation devices mandatory?

– It depends on the situation. The normative states that you need an initiation device wherever there is risk of entrapment. It is safe to say that you need one inside the cabin and when working in the lift pit since you have no control of the lift from there. In some cases you will even need to place an initiation device on the landing floor if that landing floor only has the lift as an exit from that particular floor, for instance if the lift breaks down while you are on that floor.

2. Can SafeLine provide four initiation devices in one package?

– Yes, we have a solution that suits almost every situation. Contact your local SafeLine office and they will guide you towards the best solution.

3. How is the input for the alarm system being tested?

– When following the EN 81-28 you do not need to test the input/alarm button. We at SafeLine find this as a possible risk for the system not working properly with all imaginable consequences. Therefore, we have the alarm button testing function implemented in our SafeLine SL6 system. You will need an alarm button that can self-test by an integrated magnetic coil.

4. When the pre-recorded voice message is being played to the receiver, is the passenger microphone active?

– No, the microphone will be activated when bi-directional communication is established.

5. How can the receiver validate a call as successful?

– By pressing the # key. The SafeLine unit will then validate this as a successful call and end communication.

6. Other than dialing programmed numbers, can we communicate during maintenance?

– In our SL6 system there is an integrated intercom function. We also have other products that provide the intercom function.

7. Can we replace an existing emergency telephone with a SafeLine unit without rewiring?

– Yes, we have replacements units and connection kits for several existing systems so you can install a SafeLine unit a lot easier and quicker.

8. Will the SLCC be included in the ORION cloud service?

– Yes, all functions of the SafeLine Call Centre will be available in ORION eventually.