Watch now: THOR combinations – follow-up webinar

Watch SafeLine's follow-up webinar on the THOR lift controller and its combinations with SafeLine's CANopen-Lift specialist Werner Van Looy

The first webinar brought you insight into the world of the THOR lift controller – now it's time to start putting the pieces together. Watch the recorded version of the webinar on the THOR lift controller and its combinations with SafeLine's CANopen-Lift specialist Werner Van Looy.


00:35 – Agenda
01:25 – About SafeLine
02:22 – SafeLine LEO displays overview
02:55 – SafeLine LEO 4
04:01 – SafeLine LEO 5
04:58 – THOR and LEO
07:20 – THOR and LEO customisation
28:04 – Remote configuration of THOR with SafeLine ORION cloud service
48:37 – Q&A

This is a recording of the live webinar from Wednesday 17th of June.

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