SafeLine SL6 voice station, surface mounting with pictogram lenses & emergency light frame


The voice station for SL6 – compact and safe design

An updated and more compact version of the voice station for the lift emergency telephone SL6, with new integrated pictogram lenses. As part of the SLB3 series, this voice station comes with only two address selectors, so you don’t have to bother with setting up the station’s address manually.

This version of the voice station is delivered with a front plate and a built-in transparent emergency-light frame for mounting on the wall of the lift car with only two screws, which ensures a smooth and very quick installation. The strong emergency light the frame offers, is one of the most clear and safe options SafeLines can offer in the category of voice stations.

Technical data


Product files

Very compact and flexible design

Only 2 address selectors

Quick installation

Strong emergency light thanks to transparent frame

Backlit pictogram lenses

Connection of external pictograms possible