SafeLine ProLink


Program SafeLine’s units directly from the office

Configure all of your SafeLine emergency telephones – without having to leave the office. Install the SafeLine Pro software on your computer; connect the ProLink modem to your computer and a telephone line and you are ready to configure your SafeLine emergency telephones with a simple telephone call.

Easily access the status of active alarms, battery testing and alarm tests directly from the office. All you need to use the SafeLine ProLink is a power source, a phone line, the connection of a cable to your computer – and you are set to go. With the Windows-based interface SafeLine Pro, you are guaranteed a working software on all of your units without unnecessary troubleshooting and with very limited demands on the hardware.

SafeLine ProLink is delivered with a ProLink-modem, a serial RS-232-cable, a telephone cable for connection to the phone lines (PSTN), 230 VAC-connection and SafeLine Pro software. Observe that the phone you connect the ProLink to must have firmvare (ROM-program) v2.00 or later versions, and COM-port/USB-to-serial-adapter is not included in the package.

Technical data


Product files

Battery: 12V, 0.8Ah.

Current consumption: max 50mA

Power supply: 230VAC

Size (HxWxD): 172 x 226 x 46mm

Weight: 2020g

Configure all your SafeLine lift-emergency phones directly from the office

Configuration of lift-emergency phones in easy and understandable text

Remote indication of simulated emergency calls

Patented 3FSK-communication method