Arrival chime board


CHIME 02 - three signals in a compact form

An arrival chime board signals about the arrival of the lift to the current floor and is installed for extended availability of information.

With a compact design of only 50x50 millimetres you easily fit the unit onto the floor plan, and with the pre-prepared screw holes you save time and installation is done smoothly. Decide for yourself which arrival chime that best suits your needs of the three different tones, and easily adjust the volume of the chime with the built-in potentiometer. Simple, and flexible.

Technical data


Product files

Power supply: +20 - 30 VDC

Size (HxWxD): 50 x 50 x 15 mm

Choose between 3 different arrival chimes

Adjustable speaker volume

Compact size

Approved in accordance with EN81-70

Pre-prepared screw holes for easy mounting