SafeLine LYNX, smartphone application
SafeLine LYNX, smartphone application

SafeLine LYNX, smartphone application


The free mobile application allowing you to configure your SafeLine units easily using an intuitive interface

Product description

SafeLine LYNX gathers all your functions and settings in one place, saving you time and effort while also ensuring your equipment support for future updates. The LYNX app is completely free of charge and can be downloaded directly from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app can be used on all products supplied with CONNECTinside technology or together with the CONNECTable dongle.

The app's surveyable interface makes it easier than ever to configure functions, reducing your time needed on-site. All parameters can be viewed and edited easily through a menu tree system – giving you live feedback on functions directly to the app – and you can replace units easily by saving configurations to the cloud for later downloading to new products.

Register an account and start LYNXing

Download the LYNX app free of charge from Apple App Store or Google Play.

After downloading the app, log in with your existing credentials (same as for SafeLine ORION) or register a new account. If you register a new account, you will then receive a verification email with a link. Click the link to verify your account. 

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. LYNX will then automaticallty scan the nearby area for SafeLine units.

When trying to connect your SafeLine unit, it will ask for a password. In order to access your unit without entering the password, reset your unit. You will then have a 10 minute window to connect to your unit without a password. You can then program a password of your choice easily in the app.

All done! You can now start programming your devices effortlessly. 

Product sheet

Technical data


Effortless configuration for devices

Save configurations to the cloud for later downloading

View/edit parameters easily through menu tree system

Supports all functions + future updates

Less on-site time

Connect using Bluetooth

Password protection for all units