SafeLine LYRA
SafeLine LYRA
SafeLine LYRA
SafeLine LYRA
SafeLine LYRA

SafeLine LYRA

Turn your lifts into smart lifts

Product description

SafeLine LYRA is an independent monitoring unit that can be used for all brands of lifts – letting you analyse and optimise planning by predicting maintenance – regardless of lift manufacturer.

Easily installed on the car roof along with two door sensors, LYRA uses sensors and a cutting-edge algorithm to position and calculates the status of the lift. The data is then analysed using machine learning and the detailed statistics on lift behaviour is automatically sent to the cloud.

ORION then analyses the data using artificial intelligence, giving customers indications of the current status and predictions of the lift’s future. All data is protected by encryption and can only be accessed using encryption key at receiver to ensure no external interference.

Product sheet

Technical data

Power supply: 5 VDC

Size (HxWxD): 118 x 118 x 23 mm

Weight: 210g


Works on all types and brands of lifts

No connection to controller

Real-time data

Bluetooth connectivity

Data communication over GSM 4G

Cloud storage accessible through ORION

Included in package

SafeLine LYRA main unit

USB wall charger

Door sensor x1

Product files