From production to customer – follow the journey of the 100K SL6

Ever since its launch in 2011, the SL6 has been a staple in the independent lift safety of Europe. But how does it all come together? Read the journey of the 100 000th SL6 and find out

The journey of the 100K SL6 starts in production. At the factory in Tyresö, Sweden, SafeLine has a full circuit board production area, including two complete surface mount technology lines. Up to 80 000 components are produced here every day. To ensure the greatest possible quality, two quality checks are made after the completion of the circuit boards before further testing, one by machine and one manually.

Thorough testing – part of the success

No products ever leave our warehouse without thorough testing, and special boards like the 100K SL6 doesn’t get special treatment. The in-house testing system, developed and produced specifically for SafeLine products, check the board for even the slightest deviation before being approved for assembly.

After testing, the products are ready for assembly. Each SafeLine product is packaged individually by our staff with the relevant stickers and documentation. These are also produced in-house in close collaboration with our technical support team for top quality content and accuracy. The special case of the 100K SL6 is equipped with a customised enclosure and 100K sticker in celebratory of the milestone.


Delivery to lucky customer

After assembly, it is time for the 100K SL6 to be handed over to a customer. The lucky customer for this jubilee was Håkan Lindell, the proud representant of the long-time customer Nacka Hiss, who was very happy to be a part of this event.

– Our relationship with SafeLine means a lot to us as it is the obvious choice of emergency telephone in the industry. It feels great to be part of this milestone, says Håkan Lindell, Technician at Nacka Hiss.

In the safe hands of Nacka Hiss, the 100 000th SL6 was quickly and efficiently installed in Stockholm. The residents of the building can now feel reassured to not come home to a lift standing still due to a false alarm. They can also enjoy safe travels with the lift thanks to the reliable SL6 doing its job.