New update of the Android SafeLine CONNECT app

Important information regarding the new update for the Android SafeLine CONNECT app

We have now released an update for the Android version of the SafeLine CONNECT app. The update consists of graphical improvements and preparations for the SafeLine cloud service integration.

To ensure you can take part of these new and upcoming features, you will be requested by the app to register a new account for continued use. This will happen upon opening the app for the first time after the update. To make sure you can use the app for configuring the next time you’re on-site, please follow the steps below. 


What to do:

1. Install the new update and start the app. 

2. Enter the account page.

3. Press ”register new account”.

4. Fill in the form and press register.

5. You will now receive an email to the email address you entered.

6. Click the link in the email to verify the registration.

7. Open the app again, enter the account page again and click ”Login”.

8. Enter the email and password you provided when registering.

9. Done! You can now use the updated version of the CONNECT app.


If for any reason you do not wish to update the CONNECT app, please make sure to turn off automatic updates for the SafeLine CONNECT app. Also please note that this only affects Android users. Support for the IOS version will launch autumn 2019.