SafeLine invests in LTE and VoLTE with Telit Technology

SafeLine offers clients full LTE versions today – a cost-effective and future-proof solution to the shutdown of tomorrow

With mobile services affecting the entire world, not even the lift safety business is left unchanged. As a developer and manufacturer of lift telephones and other safety components for lifts, we now more than ever need to look to the future when deciding what lift safety systems will stand the test of time. 

Traditionally, all lift telephones have been landline-based. But with GSM sales rising constantly the last decade all over Europe, it’s safe to say the future isn’t on land – it’s in the air. As with any company delivering safety products, it’s crucial to us that our products will stay connected and ensure the safety of our clients.

That is why we at SafeLine – as your partner in lift safety – have started upgrading our lift telephones with LTE versions, giving you future-proof systems. Offering you the future before it has even arrived, thanks to technology provided to us by the global leader in IoT enablement, Telit. 

At the 2018 Mobile World Congress, SafeLine had the pleasure of exhibiting a show case prototype of the GL6 4G version together with Telit – a demo that raised a lot of interest from visitors. Read more about the showcase here.