SafeLine LEO 5, display only


The TFT floor display with an alterable look – for when every detail matters

SafeLine LEO is the first ever TFT floor display developed by SafeLine, providing a smooth look with alterable appearances. Display images or logotypes and increase brand awareness easily.

Although using TFT LCD technology, the installation’s no different than other SafeLine floor displays. The LEO 5 is connected easily with two plug-and-play cables and is mounted with two screws, just as easy as any other display. Configuration is done seamlessly through the CANwizard software – letting you alter the display’s appearance in no time.

LEO + IPS = True

The LEO 5 is compatible with our floor indicator the IPS (Independent Positioning System), allowing you to create an independent floor display system free from moving mechanical parts. The perfect modernization – suitable for all kinds of lifts with a very short installation time and no maintenance required.

Teknik veriler

Mevcut tüketim: 24VDC typical 30 mA, maximum 120 mA

Güç kaynağı: 20-28 VDC

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