SafeLine LEO 4, display only


The slim and cost-effective TFT floor display for CANopen-Lift

With a very slim 4” profile, the display is both easy to install and cost-effective, providing a sophisticated and practical look for displaying numbers, directional arrows, logos etc. – all easily programmed using the SafeLine LYNX app or CANwizard. This COP version lets you easily integrate the display into the operating panel.

Connect the display easily using the connections with plug and play cables – either connecting it to a controller or by pairing it with our SafeLine Independent Positioning System (IPS).

The IPS is our revolutionary floor indicator, allowing you to create a floor display system independent from both the controller and any other moving mechanical parts. The perfect modernization for lifts in need of display solutions – suitable for all kinds of lifts with a very short installation time and no maintenance required.

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