Batt52 Acil Durum Güç Ünitesi


12 V emergency power supply unit with all the necessary functions.

The unit has a robust metal housing that can be mounted on the wall or on the outside of the control cabinet.

BATT52 is equipped with a 2.3 Ah battery that is capable of supplying several outputs, including emergency light, emergency alarm button and emergency siren in case of power failure. NO or NC alarm button can be used with an adjustable delay of 0-15 seconds. The builtin battery control regular checks the battery's condition in order to ensure that the unit will operate normally during a power outage.

Teknik veriler

Akü: 12 V, 2 Ah

Mevcut tüketim: max 50 mA

Maks. çıkış akımı: 200 mA

Güç kaynağı: 230 VAC

Boyut (YxGxD): 141 x 223 x 86 mm

Ağırlık: 2247 g

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