New machinery strengthen in-house production

SafeLine finalises modernisation of production machinery – an investment in product quality and future reliability

To SafeLine, quality is everything. Our products are designed and built to secure the safety of passengers.

That could mean accessibility in the form of a voice announcer, or a secure line for trapped passengers in the form of a lift emergency telephone system. That’s why the quality of SafeLine’s production plant has always been crucial, and to invest into this production comes naturally.

Recently, SafeLine acquired a new modern line of machinery. In total SafeLine have two lines of machinery producing circuit boards, the process also known as Surface Mount Technology. One of the lines was replaced a couple of years ago, and now it was finally time for the other one to also get an upgrade – finalising the shift towards a truly state-of-the-art machine park.


Mattias Rosenström, the Head of the Circuit Board Production Department and person in charge of this investment, handled and oversaw the transition personally.

– We needed an upgrade. The oldest machine to be replaced was from 2005, so the exchange to more modern technology was necessary. It gets to a certain point where the combination of increasing maintenance costs and the risk of spare parts becoming obsolete you just have to upgrade. Ensuring the SafeLine quality and reliability customers have come to expect over the years.

Machine experts were on-site for the installation for over a week at the SafeLine production plant in Tyresö, making sure everything functioned according to plan and ensuring top quality machines for the years to come.



Mattias Rosenström, the Head of the Circuit Board Production Department, with the new machines

Now, the machines are all in place and ready to get started on producing even more of the best quality lift safety equipment in the business.

– On some circuit boards we have an increased production speed of up to 30%, which is major boost of course. But it does not only allow us to manufacture more products in a single day, this investment also allows us to be able run all our different products on both production lines, which means greater flexibility. It also acts as an insurance. If something were to happen with one of the lines, production of any product can still go on inthe other one.