Destination: innovation

We’re SafeLine – an independent lift safety company on the search for the future of lift safety. Welcome aboard the SafeLine journey! 

For installers

"For lift people, by lift people" is not just one of our past slogans to us – it's our history. We design our products for the lift industry, and we can offer you a wide range of those products. This means a great deal of flexibility for you as a client to get what you want. SafeLine does what SafeLine does best – lift safety equipment.

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For property managers and consultants

SafeLine has a leading position in the development of safety accessories for lifts. Our high quality products have a longer life-span than our competitors and causes less trouble. This means less downtime and less service calls for your lifts and is what makes SafeLine's products the cost-effective choice.

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For distributors

SafeLine has been long-time partners with Swedish distributors since 1997 and international since 2008. We have a long experience of working with distributors – and with great experience comes great responsibility. Our partnerships matter to us and it is important for us to deliver what we have promised.

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300.000+ installations

99.8% delivery accuracy

0.09% product returns

For lift people, by lift people

The Logbook

ORION – the centre of the galaxy and the future of SafeLine

With the launch of ORION, a long journey is nearing its end. As the platform take shape and the results become more reliable, more customers are invited to take part of the galaxy – fully offering the first step on the way towards independent monitoring for lifts. But what has the journey looked like so far – and what digital innovations await SafeLine customers?