Watch now: Tomorrow’s lift safety today – a SafeLine webinar on 4G VoLTE

View the successful and much appreciated webinar and see how SafeLine can help you meet the demands of the future with innovations today


What considerations should you make when dealing with VoLTE?
What will be the impact of 5G on lift emergency telephones and voice communication? What’s all the talk about shutting down the 2G/3G networks?

Recently, SafeLine hosted a webinar on the topic of 4G VoLTE. If you couldn't make it to the webinar – or simply want to re-watch it – now's your chance. View the successful and much appreciated SafeLine webinar on 4G VoLTE on-demand at any time or share it with your colleagues. The webinar is held in English.


Talking points include: 

  • History of mobile communication – and what may be in the future
  • The difference between 4G and 4G VoLTE 
  • The benefits of VoLTE
  • SafeLine products equipped with VoLTE functionality
  • Q&A – how can SafeLine ensure the connectivity of your lift safety?



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