SafeLine ORION

The future of lift safety

SafeLine ORION is the connected future of lift safety and our expanding galaxy of products – all gathered in one system.

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Lift Emergency Telephones

The pillar of SafeLine lift safety

SafeLines lift telephones offer innovative and long-term solutions for all types of lifts and lift controllers. Our telephones are developed as a combination of the client's demands, safety regulations and with a long experience of safety accessories for lifts. 

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Floor Displays & Voice Announcers

High quality and easy-to-install floor displays

One type is never right for everyone. Our floor displays come in a wide range of different functions and colours to be able to suit all needs and are very easy to install. Take a look and see what we can offer you. Show full range

Fire Communication

Advanced fire communication systems made easy

Besides lift telephones – SafeLine also offer fire communication solutions for all types of buildings. SafeLine’s products in fire communication fulfills all the necessary requirements and regulations, while at the same time offering advanced and reliable technology in intuitive solutions.

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Configuration & Monitoring

Easier solutions

With the help of SafeLine’s units and software you can monitor and configure your units easily – often without even having to set foot on location. Have a look and see how we can simplify things for you.

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Replacement Products

Combine our products with other brands

SafeLine is the compatible choice on your terms. Here you will find replacement products for combining our products with other manufacturers' in a simple and cost-effective way.

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Open solutions

All of SafeLine’s products compatible with the open communication protocol CANopen-Lift.

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Other Products

Everything you might need for your lift safety system

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