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Our past successes show one thing: we ensure the future safety of your lift system

SafeLine is a Swedish company that manufactures safety accessories for lifts. We have over 300 000 installed lift telephones which makes us the largest independent manufacturer specialising in lift safety products in Europe. Our recipe is simple: we produce good quality products that are simple to install and easy to configure. Our products are tailored for the lift industry and are all produced and designed in our factory just outside Stockholm. Many other companies, often native to other electronic industries, try to sell you modified products that just barely meet the requirements for safety. We at SafeLine focus on the lift industry only, with superior products as a result. With over 25 years in the business and almost 100 employees representing us in over 25 countries, we have our eyes set on the long game. We feel proud and confident calling ourselves your partner in lift safety.

SafeLine is a Swedish company that manufactures safety accessories for lifts

Lift Emergency Telephones

SafeLines lift telephones offer innovative and long-term solutions for all types of lifts and lift controllers. Our telephones are developed as a combination of the client's demands, safety regulations and with a long experience of safety accessories for lifts.

SafeLine ORION

Join us on the journey towards modern lift safety. Here you will find all products and services that are part of our cloud-based SafeLine ORION.


We love open solutions. We have invested heavily into our CANopen product range.

Floor Displays & Voice Announcers

One type is never right for everyone. Our floor displays come in a wide range of different functions and colours to be able to suit all needs and are very easy to install.

Replacement Products

Combine our products with other manufacturers’.

Fire Communication

Besides lift telephones – SafeLine also offer fire communication solutions for all types of buildings. SafeLine’s products in fire communication fulfills all the necessary requirements and regulations, while at the same time offering advanced and reliable technology in intuitive solutions.

SafeLines vision

Communication experts keeping you safe, today and tomorrow

SafeLine's values

Innovative We are forward-looking and anticipate our customers’ needs in order to develop innovative products and solutions. We always encourage and support new ideas, both internally and externally. Pioneers SafeLine always strive to open up new areas of thought and methods in our line of work. We aim to be the first in our field to set the standards that others will follow. Reliable Customers, end-users, partners and team members shall always be able to rely on our products and services as well as our word. We will always honour commitments that we make. Receptive SafeLine will always be receptive and listen to new ideas or suggestions – coming both from internally by team members and externally from customers as well as partners. We shall never be afraid to consider or accept new ideas.

Warranty & service

Newly purchased goods from SafeLine normally have a two-year warranty for normal use of the product and is valid for two years from the day of delivery. Click the button below to read more about our warranty and service.

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Our Distributors

Spain, Germany & Austria




For lift people, by lift people

SafeLine – a proud member and contributor

CAN has been used in lift control applications for many years. In 2002 several mid-size companies decided to move to the standardized high-layer protocol CANopen to allow for “plug- and-play” compatibility of devices. The result of the standardization efforts is the CANopen application for lifts (CiA 417).

CiA is the international users’ and manufacturers’ group that develops and supports CANopen and other CAN-based higher-layer protocols. Approximately 500 companies are members of the non-profit group.

European Lift Association is promoting the quality and safety, in EU and EFTA, of equipment and services related to lifts and escalators.

ELCA, European Lift Component Association, is recognised as the “voice” of the European lift component manufacturers by the European Institutions and other related industry associations.

The trade organization VDMA with its working group “lifts” is the leading representative and interest group of the German lift and component manufacturing industry.

Members are medium-sized manufacturers/installers and component manufacturers of lifts. They sponsor the world’s largest trade fair Interlift, offer trade-related education/qualification and are involved in legislation and standardization processes.

The Swedish Association of Lifts and Escalators is since 1992 the Swedish industry association for businesses that manufacture, install and maintain lifts and escalators. The members represent over 80% of the Swedish industry.

CEN TC-10 develops the European EN 81 lift norms. SafeLine is represented in both the TC-10 plenary work and in the WG4 devoted to lift emergency telephones.

CE, Conformité Européenne asserts that the products meet all the essential requirements of relevant European Directives.

ISO norms are devised by the WTO in order to reduce barriers of trade. The TC178 ISO lift norms are based on the CEN and are today applied all the world’s countries except USA and Canada.

RoHS, reduction of Hazardous Substances is an EU-norm relating to environmental protection.

The Fédération des Ascenseurs is the professional organisation representing lift operators in France. It represents 90% of the sector and brings together 177 companies made up of SMEs and large groups spread throughout the country

Terms of sale

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Privacy Policy

Protecting clients' personal data is important to SafeLine. Click here to read SafeLine's privacy policy about how we take responsibility for your personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

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The J2L Group and its subsidiaries have established a whistleblowing function

The J2L Group and its subsidiaries have established a whistleblowing function. The aim is to promote an open and transparent working environment for both employees and other contacts the company/group has. The Group's ambition is to have an environment where rules and regulations are followed and an environment where employees and other people who come into contact with the Group are treated well and with respect. A whistleblowing channel exists so that employees, customers, suppliers or those otherwise closely linked to the company can report irregularities in the company. Examples of whistleblowing include crime, corruption, harassment or other inappropriate behavior. It may concern things that have happened or something that risks happening. By reporting via the whistlesecure.com/j2l link, you can remain anonymous by copying and pasting the link in your web browser, and Swedish law prohibits the company from finding out who you are. This protection allows you to report with full anonymity without risking any retaliation because of what you report. The service is open 24/7 for reporting. All cases are handled by group management, with external legal support if necessary, with the aim of acting quickly and correctly.