Now available: LYNX app update for IOS and Android

NEWS: dark theme support, updates to app UI and new splash screen for Iphone + general user interface enhancements for Android

The SafeLine LYNX app has just been updated for both IOS and Android devices and is now available for download from both Apple App Store and Google Play. Below you'll find selected details and a link to the complete release notes.

Highlights for IOS v.2.2.0


  • Dark theme support
    LYNX now supports Iphone's dark mode, with a darker colour pallet for screens, views, menus, and controls

  • Updates to app UI
    The app's user interface has been updated, increasing the general user-friendliness

  • New splash screen 
    A new background image for users of the regular light mode.

Highlights for Android v.2.2.1


  • User interface updates
    General enhancements of the user interface for increased user-friendliness

Click here to view full release notes IOS.
Click here to view full release notes for Android.


Do you have any questions about this update or need something else? Please contact technical support and they'll be happy to assist you.