MX3 replacement for TAM2

With the help SafeLine's new replacement unit, you can easily swap out your current TAM2-installation for an MX3. Same placement – better functions.

After a long summer, a busy autumn lies ahead. At SafeLine we have been busy during all of 2016 and the fruit of that work will be presented the coming months as a series of new products and services. So be sure to drop by our webpage on a regular basis and look out for our newsletters in your inbox.

The first new product to be introduced this autumn is our new MX3 for TAM2 replacement, which is ready for order. This is the latest addition to our series of replacement units and connection kits which offer easy replacement of emergency telephones on existing lifts. When using a replacement kit you are sure to connect to the emergency buttons and pictograms in the COP without the need to cut one single wire. This also means that in the unlikely situation when a customer want to go back to the old system this can be done just as easy.

With the new MX3 for TAM2 replacement SafeLine can now offer easy connection to lifts by Schindler, Kone, Otis and many more. For a complete overview of our connection kits and replacement units, please click here.

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