2G/3G? Roaming functionality with VoLTE VoLTE? We straighten out your concerns

Our Technical Commercial Manager Nico Machiels answers your questions regarding VoLTE – a topic marked with uncertainty

What is the future for the 2G/3G networks in Belgium/Netherlands?

There has not been any communication yet about any shutdowns in Belgium, so it’s safe to say that it won’t happen in the near future. In the Netherlands they are already starting to shut down the 3G network, as well as 2G on GSM masts where there is low to no usage of the 2G network. Right now, we recommend customers to see this as a long-term transition where you plan ahead with future investments – so no reason to panic.

Many networks do not have fully developed VoLTE functions – how does this affect roaming?

– After testing the availability of VoLTE in different countries, SafeLine can conclude that some service providers not yet support VoLTE in their network. With roaming activated on your 4G VoLTE subscription, all available service providers can come in use, meaning that several providers not yet offering VoLTE might be utilised. But you do not need to be afraid that the phone will stop working. The only thing that happens in that case is that the phone, which is fully backward compatible, reverts back to 2G/3G in case of poor reception from the 4G network.

What should I do if I’m uncertain if the operator supports VoLTE, but want to ensure VoLTE functionality?

– It's tricky, since it depends so much on the operator in the specific area. I would recommend contacting the operator if you are unsure about the roaming functionality.

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