Proud partner in lift safety

Our past successes show one thing: we ensure the future safety of your lift system

SafeLine is a Swedish company that manufactures safety accessories for lifts. We have over 250 000 installed lift telephones which makes us the largest independent manufacturer specialising in lift safety products in Europe.

Our recipe is simple: we produce good quality products that are simple to install and easy to configure. Our products are tailored for the lift industry and are all produced and designed in our factory just outside Stockholm. Many other companies, often native to other electronic industries, try to sell you modified products that just barely meet the requirements for safety. We at SafeLine focus on the lift industry only, with superior products as a result. With over 20 years in the business and almost 100 employees representing us in over 25 countries, we have our eyes set on the long game. We feel proud and confident calling ourselves your partner in lift safety.




Brief history

SafeLine began as a one-man-business and was driven by one man’s ambition to change the lift safety industry. In 1995, Lars Gustafsson started producing lift products in his basement in Tyresö, Stockholm, focusing on the lift installer with the motto: "for lift people, by lift people". The business quickly grew out of the basement, proving there was a great demand for installer-friendly and high quality lift products. 20 years later, Lars still plays a big part in the development of SafeLine's products and its continued successes.

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