The installer's choice

Products tailored for the specific needs of the industry – made to simplify your work.


We know you

"For lift people, by lift people" is not just one of our past slogans to us – it's our history. We design our products for the lift industry, and we can offer you a wide range of those products. This means a great deal of flexibility for you as a client to get what you want. SafeLine does what SafeLine does best – lift safety equipment.

Reliable and very easy-to-install products

Plug and play-installations, wireless configuration and top-of-the-line quality. SafeLine offers you products that will simplify and streamline your work. Get the job done quicker with no more extra visits to the installation site.

Our high quality is your profit

We know that our choice for the best electronic components, integrated quality control and stringent final checks affect our production cost. We also know what it costs to be in a lift cabin and finding that your new telephone is faulty, or even worse – when you have to go back to troubleshoot a brand new installation. A high-quality product is not only the installer's choice – it is also the cost-effective choice.

Your partner in lift safety

When you choose SafeLine as your partner in lift safety, you never have to worry about our products not being in compliance with current standards and regulations. All our products meet the European demands in accordance with the EN 81-28 and EN 81-70.

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When you choose SafeLine you can also be sure to have the freedom of choice. SafeLine is completely independent from any lift manufacturer and we never tie our clients to a certain product, service or partner. Because of this we cannot and will never compromise the quality of our products, thus only by leading the development and having the best products on the market we can go on being number one. This ensures your future freedom of choice to choose whatever suits you the best.

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