Take the first step towards the future of lift safety with SafeLine 4G VoLTE


Voice calling over the 4G network – a SafeLine feature for lift telephones. All the information you need to invest in modern lift safety and future-proof the lifespan of your products with SafeLine 4G VoLTE.


Future-proof connections with 4G VoLTE

Improved coverage and better voice quality

Operates on all available frequencies: 2G, 3G and 4G

Why upgrade to SafeLine 4G VoLTE?


Analogue telephone lines and 2G/3G technology are on the decline all over Europe. In the coming years much of the old technology used for voice communication will be phased out in favour of more modern network connections, like 4G and 5G, something also known as the digital switchover. However, a large majority of lift telephones are still using old technology – posing a threat to seriously disrupt functionality and create an unsafe condition.

At SafeLine, we believe the future of lift safety is wireless. The 4G network has become the standard connection for IoT and continues to expand every year. With SafeLine’s 4G VoLTE products, you can make use of all the available mobile frequencies – giving you better coverage and a better quality of call – while also ensuring the functionality of your lift safety equipment after the digital switchover.


Evolution of the network


Analogue telecommunication standards. Although a revolutionary technology at the time, 1G suffered major drawbacks like low voice quality caused by bad coverage (static noise and background crackling). Download speed over 1G was also incredibly slow and only reached around 2.4kbps.

2G (GSM)

2G provided significant mobile talk advancements, introducing encrypted calls. 2G also improved sound quality, reducing static and crackling noises while talking. 2G’s download speeds were also significantly faster (but still incredibly slow by today’s standards) than 1G, averaging at about 0.2 Mbps during its lifetime. 


Voice calls and internet access. Increased data transfer capabilities (4x faster) and a separate voice channel. It takes around seven seconds to connect a call using the 3G network. Declining in use around the world in favour of the 4G network. 


HD mobile TV, streaming and gaming. Data transferring speeds ranging from 21 Mbps to 1 gigabit. Still using the same voice channel as 3G. 


Voice and faster data over the same channel. It connects the users only in a second if both users are on the VoLTE network. VoLTE uses 4G data channel for voice communication. It targets both internet data and voice calling without affecting each other. 


Introduced in 2020, but only readily available in a few select locations. Super-fast data for streaming. 5G will use the current network infrastructure called IMS, which is already used today to deliver VoLTE. Calling over 5G will basically be calling over VoLTE. 

The SafeLiner's guide to the future of lift safety 📖

Download the 4G modernisation guide for lift telephones and gateways today – perfect for bringing along to meetings with customers and for sharing with your colleagues.

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GUIDE: How to perform firmware updates when upgrading to SafeLine 4G VoLTE

Discover how easy it is to perform firmware updates for increased functionality and lifespan of the SafeLine SL6 and GL6

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Lightspeed ahead ⚡️ – 4G/5G now the biggest connector for IoT

2G & 3G has been passed as number one according to Ericsson Mobility Report. 5G predicted to account for nearly half of all mobile subscriptions by the end of 2027.

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What is VoLTE and how can it improve lift safety?

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, essentially voice calling over the data network. All over Europe, 4G connections are expanding. Most people are used to using the 4G network for accessing the internet, watching TV and communicating on social media. However, did you know that you don’t actually make any calls over this channel? Phones will revert back to older networks such as 2G and 3G to perform this functionality.

That's why we developed the SafeLine 4G VoLTE products. With SafeLine’s 4G VoLTE products, you can make use of all the available frequencies – while also getting a better quality of call. SafeLine offers 4G VoLTE either directly integrated into the product, or as a stand-alone board for retrofitting into your existing SafeLine unit.


"We want to provide our customers with the most reliable and innovative products possible."

"That means making sure our products last a very long time, that they are an investment in quality for our customers. These 4G VoLTE versions operate over a wider range of frequencies and uses Long Term Evolution technology to ensure the connectivity of your products – increasing safety as well as their lifespan" – Geert Maurissen, SafeLine Group Managing Director

For all types of buildings

Connections for 2G, 3G and 4G VoLTE

Fallback functionality – utilise both PSTN and GSM

Mobile services for up to 9 lift telephones

Integrated battery backup

Exchangeable board for a smooth transition


Network services may differ between countries and/or service providers. Please verify with your service provider beforehand that your subscription offers 4G VoLTE services. For more information about SafeLine’s 4G VoLTE products, please contact your local SafeLine office.

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