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Over 300 000 installed lift telephones in Europe and 25 years of experience in the business


25+ years of experience

SafeLine is a company that began with one man’s ambition to change the lift industry and after 20 years in the business we can proudly say we are a well known and respected brand in the industry. We are the largest manufacturer specializing in lift safety in Europe with over a 100 employees in the SafeLine Team.

We have an impact on future regulations

Not only do we know and fulfill all the required norms and regulations, but we are also on the standardization committees. We know of the changes to these regulations a long time before they are even implemented, which gives us time to adapt our products to the new directives and ensures that you have the most secure and conforming systems today and tomorrow.

Less downtime for your lifts

SafeLine has a leading position in the development of safety accessories for lifts. Our high quality products have a longer life-span than our competitors and causes less trouble. This means less downtime and less service calls for your lifts and is what makes SafeLine's products the cost-effective choice.

Property managers and consultants choice

When you choose SafeLine you can also be sure to have the freedom of choice. SafeLine is completely independent from any lift manufacturer and we never tie our clients to a certain product, service or partner. Because of this we cannot and will never compromise the quality of our products, thus only by leading the development and having the best products on the market we can go on being number one. This ensures your future freedom of choice to choose whatever suits you the best.

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