Want to know more about tomorrow's maintenance for your lifts? Then you need LYRA today.

Streamline your service and offer proactive maintenance with SafeLine LYRA. Smart lifts, smartly done.

4500+ connected lifts

867 000+ registered starts every day

350+ new unique insights every day

Turn regular lifts into smart lifts with LYRA...

SafeLine LYRA is the innovative hardware that can be used on all types of lifts – regardless of age or condition. A sustainable and cost-effective modernisation for the future that transforms ordinary lifts into smart lifts connected to our cloud service SafeLine ORION.

... and discover the benefits of proactive maintenance

SafeLine LYRA has helped lift companies across Europe to diagnose and streamline maintenance by analysing information they would not otherwise have access to. This has enabled a more optimised service experience, which in the long run has led to less wear and tear, fewer emergency callouts, reduced operating costs – and, not least, fewer lift standstills.

Discover a more data-driven approach to maintenance with LYRA

SafeLine LYRA makes it easy for you to quickly get an overview of your lift fleet and know more about how your lifts are actually used. Data that can then be used to streamline operations, optimise maintenance planning and reduce costs in the long term.

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LYRA gathers all movements of the lift thanks to built-in micro-sensors and vibration technology. With an advanced positioning algorithm, it can then constantly calculate the status of the lift.

LYRA step by step

LYRA is installed on the car roof in less than an hour.

LYRA can be installed on all types and brands of lifts – regardless of the age or condition of the lift. A completely independent technical solution developed and manufactured in Tyresö, Stockholm.

LYRA starts sending data about the lift to the cloud immediately after start-up.

The data is collected using machine learning and the detailed statistics on how the lift is used are automatically sent to our SafeLine ORION cloud service.

LYRA learns about lift operation and gives you insights that allow you to offer an optimised service.

LYRA is quickly installed in about 30 minutes and easily configured via mobile application. SafeLine ORION then gives you an overview of the lift's condition – a key to proactive maintenance. There you can see the active status of all your connected SafeLine devices and easily share with your customers what is happening on site – wherever you are, whenever you are.

"With SafeLine LYRA, we make modernisation accessible by offering it for all lift brands, regardless of age, in a cost-effective way. We provide an opportunity to take advantage of smart solutions without having to replace anything in the existing installation."

– Johan Öhrn, Customer Service Director & product owner of SafeLine ORION

No connection to controller

Independent hardware manufactured in Tyresö, Stockholm.

For all types and brands of lifts

Regardless of age or condition of the lift.

Wireless transmission of data

4G connection to the cloud with no extra wiring needed.

Abnormal standstill detection

Instant notifications as soon as LYRA discovers anything abnormal.

Widget-based interface

Clear overview letting you know the status of your lifts.

Access the flow of information

Easily share with your customers what actions are taken on-site.


How SafeLine LYRA helps our customers

LYRA provides unique insights into the condition of lifts. Read our case study and find out how LYRA has helped transform service experiences and saved costs for our customers.

Download the Case Study here

Also included: lifetime technical support and further development of ORION 🚀

Developed and manufactured in Tyresö, Stockholm

SafeLine was founded in 1995 and is today the leading independent manufacturer of lift safety electronics with seven offices across Europe, making up the SafeLine Group. All SafeLine electronics are developed and manufactured in Tyresö, Stockholm – setting the standard for safe lift rides all over Europe, every day.

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