LYNX update 2.1.0

Available on 17.02.2020
  • Will upload firmware and hardware versions to ORION when connecting to a device
  • New theme to match SafeLine's space theme
  • When changing a parameter, the change is directly stored in local flash. When exiting configuration or when restarting the app, all locally stored changes will be uploaded to ORION
  • It is possible to download a device's configuration from ORION and save it in local flash, for use when missing internet access at a device.
  • Added icon globally in app, which displays current internet access and state of file-synchronization with ORION.
  • Separated login view from account view.
  • Replaced root-view's hamburger menu with tabs
  • Added syncronization status of ORION data to devices in scanner
  • Added "Edit unit information" view for all products
  • SL6 Diagnostics: Placed bus test results above the start button. So that the results are directly visible.
  • SL6 Diagnostics: Split net status indication, so that there are separate GSM and PSTN indications.
  • SL6 Simulate alarm: (SL6 FW > V4.80) Possible to select interface with which to simulate an alarm
  • SL6 Configuration: Add parameters for SL6 V4.80