SafeLine MX2, flush mounting with LED pictograms & alarm button


Quality and flexibility. The MX2 is a stand-alone unit with a very compact size

This version of the MX2 is delivered with a front plate, engraved pictograms and an integrated alarm button for flush mounting in the lift car. An all-in-one and stylish option that saves physical space in the lift car.

The MX2 is a lift telephone that replaced the old models SafeLine 500 and SafeLine 1000, and has now made its own history within the company. The MX2 was for a long time SafeLine’s most compact unit until the MX3 made its appearance, and was pioneering with its flexibility and minimal design. Despite several years since development, the unit still holds up to its promises, and is evident of the quality and long-term commitment SafeLine offers toward customers.

The MX2 is a stand-alone unit – which means that the lift telephone and the voice station is one and the same – and is mounted in the lift car in one of the many flexible mounting options. Installation of the unit is therefore very smooth, because cabling is minimized to one unit and mounting can be adjusted. The MX2 is also very easy to fit in to the lift car because of its very compact size.

By using any of the GSM accessories, such as GL6, the user can also easily switch from landline to GSM in only a matter of minutes, without any reconfigurations of the unit. Eventually when configuration is needed, there are five ways to do this with the MX2. It can be done completely manually with the keypad, with a cellular or regular phone, connecting it via USB to a laptop, or completely wirelessly with SafeLine ProLink.

Technical data

Current consumption: 50mA

Emergency signal button: NO, 10-30 VDC

Power supply: 10-30VDC

Size (HxWxD): 155 x 90 x 28mm

Weight: 530g


Very compact size

Vandal-proof mounting option

Durable design

Many mounting options


Fulfils all demands in accordance with EN81-28 och EN81-70

Product files