SafeLine SL2


The three-point unit in a compact size with external possibilities

This compact unit is mounted easily with a screw terminal on the roof of the lift car and functions as a main unit with several possibilities for connections of voice stations, external pictograms and external alarm button.

Equipped with a complete three-point communication system, this means that two extra voice stations can be connected to the SL2 besides the one that is already integrated with the main unit, making connection of extra voice stations in the lift car and pit possible. This in combination with outputs for external pictograms and an external alarm button allows for wide flexibility to tailor the unit depending on the lift’s conditions.

It is also easy to install a GSM-option for the SL2. The GSM unit, for instance a GL6, is also mounted on the roof of the lift car, which makes shifting between landline and GSM very easy without re-configurations.    

Technical data


Product files

Effect: 10-30VDC, 40-70 mA

Emergency signal button: NO / NC

Inputs: 10-30VDC

Size (HxWxD): 90 x 171 x 42 mm

Weight: 470 g

Connect two extra voice stations

Outputs for external pictograms

Screw terminal for flexible installation

Fulfils EN81-28 & -70

SafeLine ProLink compatible