SafeLine 3000 PSTN


The two-part system that combines a lift telephone with intercom

SafeLine 3000 is a two-part system with a main unit in the machine room and a voice station in the lift car. By combining several functions, such as intercom and alarm functions, simple change between GSM & PSTN and a wide range of voice stations – SafeLine 3000 makes for a very flexible alternative, designed for users with various needs. This version of the main unit for the SL3000 is intended for usage of the landline (PSTN) and is mounted in the lift’s machine room.

Aside from all the smart alarm functions users have come to expect from SafeLine, the SafeLine 3000 also comes with a built-in intercom function. This means that if more than one telephone is connected to the system, the telephones can be used for communication between the units, for example from the machine room to the lift pit.

The unit’s integrated battery backup-system ensures the continued operation of the telephone and the emergency light even in the event of a power outage, and a battery condition test is performed on a regular basis. There is also the possibility for a unit to send a technical alarm in the event the battery needs replacing, something that can be easily configured with the help of the software SafeLine Pro. The telephone line in the SafeLine 3000 is received through an interface board in the main unit which allows for a quick and smooth change between PSTN and GSM without the unit needing to be re-programmed, which is done most simply with a GSM-card sold separately. 

Technical data


Product files

Battery: 12V, 0.8Ah

Effect: 230VAC, 4-7 W

Inputs: 10-30 VDC, 5mA

Relay: 1 A/30 VDC

Size (HxWxD): 172 x 226 x 46mm

Weight: 1710g


Easy configuration with SafeLine Pro

Advanced alarm functions

Wide range of voice stations