SafeLine GL6 GSM 2G gateway


The multi-functional GSM option for SafeLine’s emergency telephones

The GL6 is the GSM-alternative that replaces the telephone line and can be placed in the machine room, the lift shaft or on the roof of the lift car. The GL6 is delivered in a robust metal housing with keyholes for screw mounting and is compatible with SIM-cards of the Micro model. Two self-drilling screws are also included for quick and smooth installation.

Owing to several smart functions, the GL6 is the most powerful and all-in-one GSM option SafeLine has to offer. The GL6 provides GSM for up to nine SafeLine telephones, with serial wiring or parallel connection, and lets the telephones cost-efficiently share only one mobile subscription. The unit’s integrated battery backup ensures the operation of GL6 even during power failures, something that even up to three SafeLine telephones (for instance the MX3) can use too by being connected to the GL6 – ensuring continuous communication.

If several telephones are connected to the GL6, these can be used for intercom thanks to the unit’s built-in intercom functions. The intercom is then activated through a button on the main unit or with an external button, which enables simple communication between telephones. The GL6 also have the possibility to send text messages to users in the event of battery failure or loss of mains electricity for example. 

Technical data


Product files

Antenna connection: SMA

Battery: 12 V, 0.8 Ah

Effect: 230 VAC, max. 9 W

Included antenna cable length: 3 m

Inputs: 10-30 VDC; 5 mA

Note: 2G


GSM-module: dual-band 900/1800 MHz

Relay: 1 A/30 VDC

Size (HxWxD): 96 x 145 x 58 mm

Weight: 830 g

GSM for up to nine lift telephones

Integrated battery backup

Intercom available

SafeLine Pro-compatible

3 dB antenna with a magnetic foot is included

Advanced surveillance functions