GSM/4G interface board


The GSM board preparing you for the future

An exchangeable GSM board enabling connections up to 4G for the SL6 and the GL6, preparing your lift telephone for the future of mobile services. For ordering: please contact our ordering & logistics department by telephone or email.

The SL6 software version 4.45 and GL6 software version 1.20 is required when using this product and is updated with a USB cable. Contact your local Support to access the update files.

Note: this product requires firmware version min 4.71 of the SL6 and firmware version min. 1.30 for the GL6. Please make sure to update before installing board. Also note that network services may differ from country to country and/or service providers. Contact your service provider for more information about 4G and VoLTE in your specific region.

Technical data


Up to 4G capacity

Exchangeable card

Product files