SafeLine IC2, intercom


SafeLine IC2 is a simple and cost-effective way to get intercom between machine room and the lift car

The typical use of IC2 is to comply with EN 81 in hydraulic lifts where there is no acoustical connection between the lift shaft and the machine room, but it's also suitable for lifts with shaft heights exceeding 30 meters or in cases where an intercom is requested.

For handset – use SafeLine Comphone or any normal DTMF telephone.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: max 50 mA

Power supply: 24 VAC

Size (HxWxD): 115 x 61 x 23 mm

Weight: 190 g

Connect existing emergency phones

Call optional SafeLine unit connected to the same phone line

For use with regular analogue handset with DTMF in machine room

Automatic disconnection after 5 minutes