SafeLine 3000 voice station, for car top/lift pit


Extra Station for SafeLine 3000 (top of car / lift pit).

Additional voice station for SafeLine 3000. Microphone, speaker and button enable communication from outside the car.

Robust metal housing for installation on car roof, under the car or in the shaft. Mount with screws or on a mounting plate (Art.No:SL3000_XRemPlate).

Self-drilling screws are included in the delivery.

Please note!
To install additional voice stations, the SafeLine 3000 main unit must be upgraded with a controller board (Art.No: SL3000_XRemBoard).

Technical data


Product files

Included cable length: 5m

Size (HxWxD): 147 x 74 x 33 mm

Weight: 480g

Extra station for SafeLine 3000 with microphone, speaker and button

NO button as standard but possible to replace with NC

Robust housing for installation on top of car, below car or in the shaft

Surface mounted

Status indicator (red LED)

Self-drilling screws included

5 m cable included