SafeLine VV3 (yellow floor display)


The cost-efficient floor display

The VV3 is a floor display which displays floor numbers, directional arrows and scrolling text messages. This version of the VV3 without a frame is mounted easily with the included snap-on clip without any screws or drilling holes, which enables a very quick and effective installation. Other mounting options for the VV3 are sold as separate accessories.

The VV3 is SafeLine’s most cost-efficient alternative when it comes to floor displays and has all the fundamental and necessary functions for a floor display. The floor display is configured very easily with help from the free of charge software SafeLine Pro by connecting a cable from the VV3 to a laptop, or completely manually with the unit’s integrated buttons. The unit is furthermore capable of playing an arrival chime, but then has to be supplemented with a separate speaker for the playback of sounds.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: 50mA

Power supply: 24V

Size (HxWxD): 53 x 53 x 27,2mm

Weight: 60g

Cost-efficient alternative

Quick installation

Easy configuration with SafeLine Pro

Arrival chime possible