SafeLine FD4 (red floor display)


The floor display with voice messages in a compact size

The FD4 is a floor display and voice announcer that displays floor designations, directional arrows, text messages and plays voice messages. This version of the floor display is delivered only as a display, without a supplied speaker and mounting plates. The included metal spring enables a quick and easy installation without any need for screws or drill holes.

This floor display has a very compact size and suits most needs. The unit’s integrated 2 MB memory means a great deal of freedom for users to tailor the unit’s messages.

If more than one FD4 is used in the same system, only one main unit has to be programmed for the rest of the units in the same floor display system to show the same information, this because the units share the same bus system. This simplifies programming and configuration of the unit, something that is done easily with the help of the freeware SafeLine Pro.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: 50mA

Power supply: 24V

Size (HxWxD): 80 x 61 x 29,1mm

Weight: 110 g

Quick installation

Easy configuration with SafeLine Pro

2 MB internal memory

Adjustable unit

Simple mounting without screws