SafeLine VA4 voice announcer


The voice announcer for playback of floor messages and music

The VA4 is a voice announcer with an internal memory for playback of floor messages and lift music, and often works as a supplement for an already existing floor display and speaker. The unit is easily mounted on a DIN-rail without any need for drilling.

The unit’s integrated 2 MB memory has the capacity to store up to 240 seconds of speech and is compatible with the Windows-standard WAV, which gives the user great freedom in tailoring the unit’s messages. The unit is the configured very easily with the completely free of charge software SafeLine Pro, but an also be configured completely manually.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: 50mA

Inputs: 20-30 VDC positive/negative voltage.

Power supply: 24V

Size (HxWxD): 99 x 50 x 27,1mm

Weight: 100g

Smooth installation on a DIN-rail

2 MB storage of voice messages

Easy configuration with SafeLine Pro