SafeLine EVAC entrance station, engraved (DE)


The intelligent entrance station and main unit in an EVAC intercom-system. A safe choice of fire communication that lives up to the European lift standards in fire safety.

This version of the entrance station is delivered with engraved symbols and German text, but without the red evacuation logotype of the standard version. With the station also follows a display for smooth configuration of the system and displaying information, a triangular key switch for activation of the system, a keypad for commandos, and also microphone and speaker for communication between car- and floor stations.

An EVAC intercom-system enables communication between distressed and the building’s staff, in the event of a fire. By using the intercom stations in the system, the distressed are able to contact the entrance station from both the floor station and lift car station. On the entrance station’s intuitive display, staff can easily see on which floors there are people in need of evacuation and then, with the help of the keypad, choose which station they want to communicate with. The station’s distinct look in stainless-steel blends in in most buildings, and its functions give an intuitive and comprehensible impression – features that can potentially be life-saving in a stress-filled emergency.

Technical data


Product files

Push button for communication with other stations

Keypad for commands

Fireman switch to activate the system

Micro SD-card to store parameters and settings

Mini USB connector for software updates