SafeLine SL6+ FIRE station, flush mounting with key switch


The voice station for SL6 suited for fire communication with an integrated key switch

This unit is intended for mounting on the entrance level and has an integrated key switch. Once the key switch is turned, communication is established between all units included in the intercom system. The fire brigade can then easily communicate and evacuate trapped persons.

SLB-REC-FIRE can be combined with an existing installation of SL6 and is perfect for use when certain floor needs extra attention in case of a fire, for example to facilitate evacuation of persons unable to take the stairs.

Technical data


Effect: 0,18W

Size (HxWxD): 310 x 110 x 31 mm

Weight: 980 g

Integrated key switch

Integrated microphone and speaker

Vandal-proof flush mounting

Easy to combine with exisiting SL6 installation

Bus system – only four wires to the main unit