Simple replacement of the Teletech alarm series

The SafeLine TTR is a complete lift alarm designed to be installed on the roof of the lift car as a replacement unit for Teletech’s TSA3100 and TSA5100. The unit is ideal for the replacement of existing Alarm units from Teletech’s TSA3100 and TSA5100-series since both the 14-way terminal block and IEC-contact are plug-and-play compatible.

The replacement unit enables the connection of external pictograms, emergency button and emergency light in the lift car through a 14-way terminal block. The SafeLine TTR can also be broadened with a phone in the lift’s machine room (for intercom) and with voice stations on the roof of the lift car, under and inside the car.

Technical data


Product files

Battery: 12V, 0.8Ah

Current consumption: max 50mA

Power supply: 230VAC

Size (HxWxD): 181,5 x 171,2 x 71mm

Weight: 1710g

Quick and easy installation

Compact and robust metal housing