CAN board, 8 in-/outputs, JST connector


IO8-CAN-CL is a voice announcer and signal handling board for the CANopen-Lift bus system

If an IO8-CAN is powered up with an empty Micro SD card inserted, the unit will automatically copy the complete configuration onto the memory card. This enables the configuration to be transferred and copied between units with minimum effort. (Please note that this does not apply for audio files, as they are never stored in the unit's internal memory).

The unit's JST contacts ensures a quick installation. One CAN communication cable and one input/output cable is included. Please note that additional cables (*CABLE10) is needed when more than one input/output is used.

IO8-CAN-CL is mounted on a DIN rail.

Technical data

Size (HxWxD): 95 x 50 x 19 mm

Weight: 40 g


8 configurable in-/outputs

Product files