CAN board, 4 in-/outputs, JST connector


The IO4-CAN-CL is a simple and convenient solution for handling signals on the CANopen Lift protocol, such as landing calls.

Up to four configurable input/outputs can be used. Utilizes the CANopen-Lift protocol. JST connectors are used on the PCB to connect also the inputs/ outputs.

The configuration is made through the CANopen Lift software CANwizard. For easy installation, two DIN rail brackets are included together with one *CABLE09 for the CAN communication and one *CABLE10 for input/output. Note that when more than one input/output is used, there is need for additional cables.

The memory chip (EEPROM) on the unit is detachable and can be put on another IO4-CAN CL. In this way, the configuration can easily be transferred between units.

Technical data


Product files

Connector: JST connectors for CANopen Lift communication

Inputs: 4 configurable in-/outputs, JST connector

Size (HxWxD): 50 x 50 x 18 mm

Four (4) configurable inputs/outputs

Configuration via the CANopen Lift software CANwizard

Two (2) DIN rail brackets included

*CABLE09 (3m) with JST connector for CAN communication included

*CABLE10 (3m) with JST connector for input/output supplied

Removable memory chip (EEPROM)